December 18, 2008

Where Have I Been??? Not RAKing...

There is quite a move afoot this year for a special type of RAK or Random Act of Kindness. I'm a great believer in RAK's and love to do them because they are always anomonyous and they will always bring a smile to someone somewhere.

My friend over at EveryThingQuilts did a post today on RAKing small ornaments. I don't know or care who started it, only that it is such a fun idea. Which got me to thinking about a post I did awhile back on all my wooden spools. Because I have such a crummy memory I made a quick unadorned project to remind me next November or early December to get a bunch of these made. I have a box of little Christmas picks with holly and tiny bells etc which would add a lot of charm and variety to the simple idea of ribbon through spool and a list for Santa. And we certainly can use plastic spools too...finally a way to repurpose those!

This idea doesn't have to be specific to Christmas either, Halloween ones, Easter ones, etc. would be super fun to hang on knobs and leave on benches around town!
Don't forget that instant Heirloom Quilt gift... still time to make one of those~
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Numismatist Facts said...

Oh, I love, love, love this idea! I have a bunch of little spools that can be put together with a few beads and dropped. My holiday work is nearly completed so now it's time to spread some cheer. Thanks so much Sharyn.
And thanks for the link.

Grandma Shell said...

Great idea!