December 9, 2008

Undefinable Unclassifiable O.D.D.B.A.L.L.S.

What do you do with your unorganizable fabric stash? I don't buy fabric like this anymore, it is certainly eye-candy on the bolt, but I've yet to find a way to incorporate into my stash or my quilts.

I bring up the question because I'm integrating inherited stash into re-folded re-stacked re-examined stash of my own. I'm also organizing with an eye to showing the house which will be up for sale the fabric cupboards need to look spacious and inviting to whatever type of stash the new owners will have. No matter what stack I lay these against they don't fit. Small matter, but inquiring minds would like to know.

I took some before photos and I have a few in-progress photos, but I'm not sure the after photos will be much different than the before photos :-)

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Numismatist Facts said...

I finally just made a separate pile in my stash closet for those undefinables. By the way, I love that description. Novelties used to be my weakness. No more. That pile is too large already.

Back to the sewing machine. Today is pajamas day and they are about a third done. Must finish.. must finish... must finish...

Bizarre Quilter said...

Make book covers! Or oven mitts! Or a mini-quilt.

Make a feature of the fabric in a small project. Love it and use it.

You CAN find one fabric (from your stash) to go with the eye candy piece. Go for it!!!

Sharyn said...

Thanks you both of you :) NF, I KNOW you can do it, My grama Ruth always made us all new jammies when we were little. The only things I inherited from her was the heavy pressed glass creamer here on my desk with pen in it, and the last of her flannel stash. I'll never cut into it, and it isn't stash in the way WE know it...It might fill a lunch sack~

Doncha love the new comment form? Blogger just pulled it out of Beta, and you can switch to it in settings.

Pieceful Afternoon said...

Interesting fabrics - I agree, make some fun potholders - I love round ones and am going to be making some after christmas, not that I have a lot of extra fabric (I'm the weird quilter with no stash) but I really need the potholders - mine are 12 years old and look it - made by a wonderful friend in CA before we moved. They don't match anything - she would just buy fabric she loved and make potholders and that was what you got to choose from - but they are fun!

Cathie in UT said...

I have those undefine-ables too most stashkeepers have them...well you could make aprons if they are larger pieces or charity quilts with a big section in the middle and then log cabin it with bits and pieces or if you want "pass them on" to others LOL
Good luck
Cathie in UT

janet said...

I make napkins out of mine, you can see the latest here.