December 15, 2008

Has Anyone Noticed

Blogger's wiggly word you need to type in to prove you are semi-human when guest posting to other blogs is now easier? The randomly generated letters are never a word, but can be read as a word and quickly typed in instead of so easily mistyped. Small blessing and it may be in my head, but I like to leave comments about other blogger's posts. And I'm for anything common-sense that makes life easier. Including the new option in Settings so people don't get a popup when commenting.

Monday Thankies
Colder than a witches toe but no deep snow
authors and publishers
National flags waving in the breeze


Bizarre Quilter said...

Oh yeah? Now you mention it, it is easier to read.

I love this new thingy you put on for "select profile".

The Christmas scenery on your blog is really sweet. Well done. I only got my tree up 3 days ago!! LOL!! Maybe my blogs will Christmas up next year!

I have started a couple of other blogs. Have you seen them on my profile page?


Sharyn said...

No, but I'll sure look. I have 4 now :) I have one I'm going to just use for my "project list" I won't call them UFO's! And I started another addendum to Quirkeries because I was worried it wouldn't take long to run out of photo space, but with all the images I've posted on both KQs and Quirk I've only used 3% of my storage space so I'm not going to worry about that.
Starting the 20th I'm going to use the secondary Quirk one for documenting my readings. There is a cool one I do at the end of each year.

I like the blog thing in profile because then we can keep watch on seldom posted but well liked blogs without having them on our home page. And I don't have to have them bookmarked anymore either, there they are. Blogs that seldom post make our own blog look stale on the home page, or that's my feeling anyway.

My Christmas decor this year is an 8' string of lights on my office deck. We have two new dogs and they love to tear around the house and I don't want to holler at them for doing something that is good exercise and always good for a laugh. They'll be older and duller next year. So I decorate my blog.

All more than you wanted to know I'm sure but I feel like we are buddies.