December 12, 2008

Avoiding the Real World

I turn to my blog and the imaginary world where it would be much more comforting to live. Imagine how small your money needs would be in the perfect 24 inch by 48 inch comfort nest.
I got written permission from Sarajane to show this quilt shop, a group project of some very talented polymer clay enthusiasts. I hope you'll follow the link and see the progress, the creativity is knock yer socks off wonderful.
PS: re: my post below about the 5th Wheel working wall. Rob stopped by yesterday and he said all my blocks were laying on the floor. Back to the drawing board.

Friday Thankies

Invited as a guest for dinner and a play tonight
It is starting to look like snow tomorrow
Everyone's opinions count


Bizarre Quilter said...

Maybe you just need to rub the design wall with something to increase the static. I'm a Science teacher, what would I use?

Hmm... a hair comb with fine teeth, or a length of plastic like the ones used to poke stuffing into dolls. Just rub the plastic poker on various parts of the design wall material. That should help!!

Let me know how you go?

Loz in Oz

Sharyn said...

Wouldn't work, it is a tacky surface, like it's been sprayed with glue. Thanks for thinking though. I had a thought in the night...Sharyn

Bizarre Quilter said...

Thanks for posting the mini quilt shop. It's gorrrgeous. What inspiration???!!

Ooh, I can't wait to see the next edition of 5th wheel design walls. You know, that almost sounds like one of those car shows, except that I am interested in it!! LOL!!!