December 4, 2008

Small Space Quilting ~ Sewing Central

You know that stuff you hang on to, it's too good to use, it might get ruined? So it sits and gathers dust and no one loves it and what kind of life is that, even if it is just 'stuff'? Well I have a Featherweight table, it has been gathering dust for about four years. I have a spot in my RV that needed a sewing table. I decided the twain must meet so I, the sewing space, and the table could have a joyous union.

I had a brain fart a few weeks ago and asked a woodworking friend if he would remodel my Featherweight table to accommodate my Janome 9000MC, in return for pet-sitting in January. Eureka!!! Kalama, we have lift off!!

This table is so perfect for the space and I'm so glad I got brave enough to cut into the table. Now it can continue to be useful and loved for many years to come. My Pomeranian Pembroke is modeling the latest in easy chair wear on the left...

Last night and this morning I stitched happily on my one block wonder... next post will be on how I've incorporated a working wall into RV living. It will never match up to the working wall in the quilt room but it sure serves its purpose in small space quilting.

Thursday Thankies

Frosty morning, sunny afternoon, my favorite weather
Frail friend survived a new pacemaker/defibrillator and the flu in the same week
Stephen King's endless imagination


Bizarre Quilter said...

Good on you!! That's VERY flylady!


Sharyn said...

Oh my head is swollen now! The ultimate compliment :-) Sharyn