November 29, 2008


I need to think of something clever to do with my dozens and dozens of vintage ladies handkerchiefs. My mind is blank other than quilts, been there done that. Small projects that will fit in an envelope or small box. I've been scouring the web and don't see anything that rings my bells. 'Kerchief in the vase idea was a bust :-)

Saturday Thankies
That I even have a nice hanky collection
That I recognize I don't need a hanky collection
That eventually the web will turn up something wonderful


Bizarre Quilter said...

How about a little pocket to keep a pocket-pack of tissues in? LOL!! That does sound funny!

I am going to make some Journal covers. You could use them as pockets on the inside. Maybe pockets in something is a good idea.

How about doll clothes? Or doll quilts/pillows?

A sewing compendium-type-folder-thingy??

How nice are the hankies? Are they all in pristine condition? That's the thing. Will they be wasted if they are folded?

And let's see your hanky quilt!!

Have fun!!Loz

Sharyn said...

I doubt this is clickable, you'll have to copy and paste, but my webshots album has the hanky quilt in it.
I think the problem is that while I consider myself an advanced quilter (whatever that amounts to) I'm not a crafy person. There are some cool things on Esty but Way behond my skills. Sharyn

Anonymous said...

I saw the cutest window topper of vintage hankies hanging down from a rod side by side on a decorating show on the telly not long ago. I've got that in mind for above the window in my sewing room in the new year. I too have a bunch of hankies...