November 10, 2008

Manly Man with Womanly Twist

Saw this great idea for storing all those tiny bits that we need so often but are such little boogers to store in a practical way. Every man I know with a workshop uses this 'lid nailed or screwed to a wood shelf' idea for their nuts and bolts and little nails, we should have glommed onto this idea a long time ago. They would also be beautiful for a smaller button collection, thimbles, and so much more.

Because we live in an A-frame house my walls are angled and create all kinds of storage conundrums. To the left is part of my button collection. All the jars on the double row right and back row on the left are half-gallon, the others are quarts. That's a lot of buttons! Plus I have 3 more half-gallons on the table below this image for coat buttons, real collectibles, and belt buckles. What we did for exposed shelving in the quilt room was take the ready-made wire racks found at do-it-yourself stores and install them upside down. Works beautifully...where there is a will (and a need) there is a way.

My quilt room is the upper extension to the right in the photo below.

Monday Blessings:
The weekend wind blew most of the leaves into the garden, great mulch, no raking
Interesting rocks and fossils
Extra work this week for extra $$$'s


everythingquilts said...

That is an absolute marvelous Idea. Now if I can get Cliff to put me up a shelf. I've been aiming to paint my sewing room, so I haven't even bothered to put up my thimble collection. But just as soon has the Holidays have passed I'll be painting for sure and I have so many things that this organizing tip will be perfect for. Thank you so much for sharing.

Pieceful Afternoon said...

I am so impressed- both with the buttons and with the storage idea. I don't have any need for an upside down shelf, but I do use the same shelves in our closets - right side up. I was given (by a new friend neighbor) some plastic boxes that fit exactly on the shelves - they are called "shelf control" and fit exactly - not hanging over the edge of the shelf. I love storage solutions, divided plastic boxes and jars.

Idaho Quilter said...

Do you really believe a man came up with the idea orginally. I bet it was his wife. Wow that is some button collection.

Bizarre Quilter said...

What a wonderful idea! And they look so good!

I must say, I am a sucker for buttons at the opp shop, but I am going to make a button necklace.

Loz in Oz