November 15, 2008

Baggy Eyes Eye Bags

Feel like sewing but don't want to tackle the current big project? These are fun to make and hardly take any time at always choosing the fabric is the problem!

I have one I use for yoga practice, one I keep in the car for a client who is plagued by headaches and one by my bed. Plus a couple for our RV.

They are falling off a log easy I promise, by hand or by machine. I cut two pieces of fabric 5 inchs by 9 inches, put right sides together and stitch with a fairly short stitch. Start 1/2 way down a short side, continue all the way around the 4th corner until you are about 2 inches from where you started. Lock stitch start and stop points. Turn bag right side out and use a knitting needle or pencil to poke out the corners nicely.

For fill I use flax and clean sand, about 1/2 and 1/2 and include dried lavender or tiny rose buds from my yard. You could add dried mint, crushed cinnamon sticks, bee balm, any essential oil you favor...doesn't take much. A funnel helps keep the filling mess tidier, but plan on a quick vacuum job when you are finished. Stitch opening closed and...

Lie down, apply bag, relax, breathe slowly and deeply. Life is good.

Weekend Thankies
Birthday Parties and getting to see friends from out of town
Crisp Apples and fresh applesauce
Stunning sunrise


Bizarre Quilter said...

Do you really need the sand? Could you just use the flax?

Sharyn said...

I like the weight of the sand, just enough so it snuggles down over the bridge of my nose and across the eyes, encouraging the eyes to remain closed. It is one of those Three Little Bears things; it should be just the way YOU like it. That is also why I only fill them about 3/4's full, so there is some drape-ability room.

I doubt too many people have flax on hand, corn meal or oat meal comes to mind for a different option. I have a big sack of flax because I bought too fat of a yoga pillow and I've been taking flax out of it ever since. :)

Lady Farmer said...

Oh I do love your blog! It is always filled with useful information, great pictures, enough humor for a chuckle or two and I always enjoy your "thankfulness's, gratitudes, blessings and appreciations". I need to do that more.

Idaho Quilter said...

I could use a fix for those baggy eyes, I'll have to find a subsitute for the sand, just don't know where I would find a beach.

Sharyn said...

You can get clean sand anywhere fish tank supplies are sold. I think rice would work fine also. You don't want them 'heavy', just enough weight that you keep your eyes closed and the light out.