January 17, 2010

Of Blocks and Brothers-In-Law

Some more of my little 6" appliqué blocks added to the pile, they will make more visual sense when the stem-work gets added. I'm still on the hunt for the perfect pen. I think I've an idea for the sashing but will wait until I'm home for a bit and can stage try-outs on the big working wall. It is a rainy grey afternoon here, perfect weather for prepping more blocks and playing a couple of movies. Perhaps a marathon of my National Geographic Egypt series??

A wonderful treat this weekend, my BIL showed up out of the blue and we talked well into the night and again for a long time this afternoon. He'd dropped off the radar and I was very fearful we were being shunned, which is a wicked and shameful practice in my book. Apparently not, and I'm so thankful he was here to see his dad for the last time. And that FIL recognized him. Although as the night progressed he would sit up in bed and say "who is he talking to?" I'd pull my ears out and say Me!

Sunday Thankies
Conversation hearts
Good doggies
Lost little hen was found


The Numismatist said...

Sharyn, your blocks are beautiful.

Piecefulafternoon said...

The blocks are super wonderful. Glad a family member is back - it is so nice to have things end on a better note.

Pat Wilson said...

Sharyn, I love your blocks! I especially like the tulip one and the way the pattern runs on the hearts. Beautiful! What a talented woman!

jenclair said...

Your applique blocks are so charming!