February 14, 2010

Faye Anderson Appliqué Designs

I was just through the AQS book side of their website, and it strikes me as bizarre that they have apparently let this book go out of print while some of their old dogs are still being published. Weird. It is available on the secondary market still which is nice, because speaking for myself, I'm having a lot of fun stitching up these little six inch blocks and would recommend the book to others.

I didn't do any block stitching while I was home for three weeks, but I did get all the blocks prepped, and each night since I've been back at the funny farm I've gotten two blocks finished.

I've added some blocks which was easy to do because many of the shapes are repeated throughout the top. I've monkeyed with others just because I can...
And I'm adding the sequins and beads as I go along now. Sequins on a quilt is a new one for me; I'm triple stitching them and all independent of the appliqué stitching so if one comes off nothing else will fall apart.
As I type I'm sipping a fresh cuppa and nibbling a little box full of Necco Sweethearts candies. My second favorite holiday treat. I guess I could just go buy a roll of Necco's any time of the year, but it really wouldn't be the same thing~

Some Valentine day trivia from a book by Nigel Pennick: A combination of Norse and Roman traditions dedicated to Vali the archer, son of Odin and to Juno Februa, goddess of maternal and married love. Rob and I will be married forty years this month. I asked him yesterday if I could have another serving of forty years please...he said he'd think about it. Probably makes him tired just to think about it. I wouldn't take another forty years with me if I could get out of it :)

Sunday Thankies
Time to visit my favorite blogs
Hatching a surprise with my FIL
The sight of my hens enjoying yogurt this morning


Linda B said...

You are doing an awsome job on the little applique blocks. Very pretty.

The Numismatist said...

I am SO loving your blocks. They make me smile.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for pointing out this book to me.
I have been looking for a project that I can use my collection of 30's fabrics and do it
Ordered book from Amazon...can't wait to get going on it!

Anonymous said...

After about 15 years, I would definitely put an order in for another. What a precious friend you you need a haircut?
H & E & JJ

Faye Anderson said...

Hi Sharon,
I enjoyed reading your comments about my book. Yes, I wish it was still in print too! I also wonder where Amazon is getting it's copies to sell as I no longer receive any royalties from the publisher. One of the mysteries of the publishing world I guess.
Glad you are enjoying stitching some little blocks. Nice choice of colors, and I like your original designs.
Happy stitching,
Faye Anderson