February 19, 2010

Fobbing Along

I seldom mention my MIL here at the farm, probably because at 86 she can run rings around me. Here she is taking the push mower to her front yard a few days ago. She's a little dynamo...her weight is the same as her age.
A few weeks ago I was blessed with the gift of four scissor bobs from a young woman from Australia I don't even know. They are so beautiful and I'm very grateful for her kindness. Live Long and Prosper Hayley.
Friday Thankies
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Lady Farmer said...

Your dear MIL is doing great! Probably because she does her own yard work, bless her heart! And with an old fashioned push mower, to boot!
I love those scissor 'fobs' or 'bobs' or whatever his name is! I think I shall make me one!
The photo of the Sumo's in your top corner made me cackle with delight! Where do you find that stuff? Too funny!

Grandma Shell said...

I've been missing reading your posts lately. My fault, I've just been busy doing other things. I have a SIL that's like your MIL., Tiny and a real go-getter. How's your FIL doing? I notice you didn't mention him. Love reading about life on the farm!