January 11, 2010

RIP Tot50, Stop You're Killing Me

Am I alone in being an office supplies junkie? I spent a lot of years working as a secretary so I appreciate good office tools, but I think the seed of the junkidom was planted pre-teen in my Christmas stocking with one of these Swingline Tot50 staplers. I still have and use it, nearly half a century later. I bought a second one when I outfitted the 5th wheel for my extended stay here at the in-laws. I use them primarily to staple manila folder templates to fabric for my chosen appliqué method, starch and press.

All fine and well, nothing remarkable in any of that except last week I went to Office Max to get some more staples and none were to be had. None at the downtown local office supply. I went on-line in my quest and found to my dismay the Tot50 has been discontinued by Swingline. Oh yes, you can buy small staplers...but they take the big honkin' staples, not my fine sharp mini-staples. I found a distributor on Ebay and ordered enough staples to last the next half century and hoo-hiss on Swingline for breaking with the past. If it isn't broke, don't fix it.

Little cheerful blocks keep appearing on the working wall (or a RV version thereof) I can usually get two a night done while FIL gears down from sundowning and into patchy sleep mode. When my eyes are too sleepy to stitch I've been working my way through ancient Egypt mysteries with Lieutenant Bak and his Medjay police force for the second time, penned by Lauren Haney. If you like mystery stories you'll love Stop You're Killing Me. You can search out titles by author, trade, sexual persuasion, genre, and much more.

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Anonymous said...

You are not the only office supply junkie ....... both the tools of the office, and the stationary. Reams of paper, different weights and colours, all those pens, pencils, aaah!
I can't even blame it on ever having an office job either!
Judy B

Piecefulafternoon said...

OH I adore office supplies. My favorite stores, office supply, hardware and fabric - and probably in that order. I got the neatest going around thingee for pens, pencils,scissors, and whatever. Lots of little sections on the outside, more in the inner ring and one tall section in the middle - It holds an incredible amount of office thigns -and looks cool at the same time.

I love those little blocks - would love to see closeups.