July 3, 2009

Goofball Tally

Updating this golf ball tally post with what I picked last week.
116 balls including 4 brights, 3 sliced open and 3 interesting ones;

A Pinnacle Ribbon 3 carrying the Susan B Komen cure logo
A Nike Swoop one with a pretty green Karma imprint
A Lucky Eagle Casino.
If I weren't trying to downsize by half, I could build a pretty interesting oddball collection.

On the dementia home front this week's interesting factoid; FIL had Rob build an extension for the hayrack on the hay wagon. Last weekend he insisted it was too high and had Rob saw off 18". Today he wants Rob to raise the rack because it is too short. Rob has been working out of town all week and I haven't had the heart or nerve to bring him up to date :) It would be a moot point if the lady who cuts and bales the hay would just get here and get the job done.

Friday Thankies
Vacuum cleaners
Cell phones
Generous and loving clients


Piecefulafternoon said...

I like the goofballs - and I like that you keep such good records of them. LOL I am a counter, sorter, list keeper too - right now I'm keeping track of the fabrics I want to buy - I'm hunting for 30s repros and don't want to buy duplicates so I'm making a list with snips of each that I buy. For some reason I get in a fabric store and my mind goes on vacation and can't remember what I already have, and it thinks that if I like a fabric it is because I need it - not because I already have it. LOL

bleason said...

What is the story behind the golf balls? I find a few golf balls on moneywalks. Very Interesting. I appreciated the painting of the seamstress.


Linda B said...

Thank heavens my golfer neighbor moved. I should send you my stash.

Sharyn said...

Hi Bleason, there is a link in the first sentence to my original golfball post. We have a 10 acre farm next to a golf course and golf balls are our best crop...