June 13, 2009

Balls Anyone?

Chores. Everyone has them. A chore is something we have to do, not get to do. Picking golf balls is one of mine. Nine acres of our pasture abuts a golf course. At least seven of those acres fill up with mis-directed golf balls. Someone has to pick them up...and that someone is me.

Since I have a strong accountant vein (sounds nicer than a compulsive counter) I've decided to keep track this year; how many, what kind. I haven't a clue what golf balls cost, except a friend who visited last year said his are five bucks each. Some of these I can look at and guess they were probably about 50 cents each.

This week's pick: Titleist 47
Pinnacle: 28 (also had the most brights, 15)
Top Flite: 62
Wilson: 24
Callaway: 27
Noodle/MaxFli: 17
Nike: 26
Alien: 6
TiTech: 6
Bridgestone: 11
Oddball: 36
Broken: 4
Week's total 307.
Last week I gave six grocery sacks full to a man having a garage sale :) Saved me driving all the way to the Goodwill. I'll update my totals occasionally~

Sometimes golfers on the other side of the fence will offer to purchase what I'm picking up. Those are great days. Since I don't know what they are worth, and they don't know what they are getting I say how long I've been picking that day and what is their time worth an hour. I've gotten anything from $5.00 to $30.00. One guy gave me a beer.

Saturday Thankies
A sense of humor
That I have land
That I can walk, bend over, and carry heavy sacks


Anonymous said...

My other half would pay $25 for a grocery bag full, but the postage to Australia would be a killer! Good used balls bring about a dollar here!
Judy B, who is lucky to be married to a golfer who leaves me alone on weekends to follow my passion!

Nancy said...

Wow, that is a LOT of golf balls in one week!

Can you make a deal with the Boy Scouts to come out and pick them up? Maybe they can sell them for a fund-raiser.

The Numismatist said...

You just proved once again that we are kindred spirits! Although I don't get even close to the numbers that you do I also have a collection of golf balls that are picked up when my run takes me on a road next to a golf course. My one-gallon jar has been emptied twice by my sons-in-law.

My dad was a golf-ball scout as well. He loved to play but probably never purchased a ball in his many years of hitting them!

I want to see you take those colorful balls and build a quilt block out of them! Are you up for that challenge? Come on, you know you want to!

Piecefulafternoon said...

Wow - lots of "golfing" going on on your land. There is a guy near here that does the same thing- and has a sign out in front of his house saying bucket 'o golf balls - 5.00 each and he told us he made over 500.00 one year.

Bizarre Quilter said...

Sharyn!! Go into the pro shop at the golf course and it's most likely they are selling secondhand balls for $2 or $3 each for the decent ones... you could set up a stall or offer to sell it to them.. or give a young 'un a part time job where you don't pay them, but they can sell the golf balls for as much as they like...