June 30, 2009

More Repurposing

Back when AOL sent CD's out by the kabillions there were any number of websites that offered crafty ideas for CD reuse. My FIL was cutting the bottoms out of food tins and hanging them up as flighty scarecrows. I gave him a hand full of old CD's and he was in love. He has them everywhere and you know what? I think they work. We had deer in the orchard eating our three new apple trees so that night he hung them all the way around and the deer haven't been in since. He also closed the gates...not that I think that had anything to do with his success.

We've had some mental gymnastic successes this week. Rob needed a ball hitch for the hay wagon, FIL couldn't remember where they were, and wasn't even too clear on what they were. Then his brain gave a little burp after two days of thinking and he knew what they were and that he could see them in his mind hanging somewhere, and he'd make a shape the size of a loaf of bread. Well that did narrow it down and about 2 hours later I had a string of 'em in hand.

Last year when he was still brightly lit he told me the story of his cow and goat bells and horse shoes. The other day I asked him if I could borrow a cow bell to train my fish (yes...) and he really had to think on that one. About 4 hours later he said "they are behind your head". Yes they were, even though I'd looked over the wall stuff 3 or 4 times.

That is two wins for our side and that leaves a really big cow bell which I told him I was going to ring every time we remembered something...because I live in a fog too. The search is now on for the plumb bob and string that he has used for 19 years to measure the well water. Yes, we could make another one...but we want That one.

Obviously I'm not getting any quilting done, but that's ok, my fabric isn't going anywhere without me.

Tuesday Thankies
A new flag
good doggies
clean dishes


Piecefulafternoon said...

Good ideas - we finally have gotten the deer to quit slurping the birdseed. No matter what kind of feeder we bought - they would get to the seed and drink it down - empty three or four feeders in one day. We sprinkled hot pepper flakes in the seeds - no more deer. They look at the feeders and walk away - even when there are no pepper flakes present. About every third or fourth filling I add in some pepper flakes just to remind them. The birds ignore the pepper flakes so we still have birds at the feeders.

I also sprinkled ground cayenne on my flowers and not a nibble from the deer. The deer still come through our yard - and often nibble at the lawn and the clover - wish they would nibble the lawn a little more diligently. LOL

Bizarre Quilter said...

That's right, the fabric won't be going anywhere! LOL!!