October 31, 2008

Halloweenie Quilting

Humm, where have I been? Not quilt blogging apparently, probably because there has been no forward movement to show on either the candlewicking blocks or the Kudzu quilt. I haven't found the perfect thread for the outer border leaves in the candlewick project but I do have about 14 blocks finished except for that so 1/2 way along! I'm really enjoying the change of pace and think I must have gotten really lucky to find the block kit on Ebay, I've not seen a single one since. I have about 5 more blocks to appliqué before I can finish the borders on Kudzu so that one is getting really close to calling finished.

I have narrowed down what I intend to make for the reverse side of Kudzu though. I inherited a LOT of Jinny Beyer stripe fabrics, and my husband bought me some stunning hydrangea yardage a few years ago so I think either one of these books would have something different yet quick which is always what I'm looking for as a change of pace after a complicated top is finished. This will also be my first full size quilt to be machine quilted on my home machine but I know my Janome 6600P will be up to the job. My back...I'm not so sure. But I am woman hear me roar, right?

Another oddball project that I both dread and relish is related to something I see on many blogs, an official UFO list. They are usually on a side bar, some make me so tired just to look at and others, even though the blogger is a perfect stranger I give a cheer because they are marking their progress and making head way. Good for them and more power to those quilters!! I always thought I only had 3 projects in progress at any one time, but we got new carpet in the quilt room year before last so in the process of moving everything in and out I organized my UFO's. Ouch. There were 14 quilts in progress. We can make ourselves believe anything can't we?

Anyway, I have another blog set up, unused as of yet, that I'm going to use as my yardstick of progress. I'm going to photograph every single project and date it, and then I can add photos of my progress. I doubt I make it a public blog, but it will be a nice journal. There were also a couple that I dumped, like the blooming 9 patch I started for my nephew, cute kids fabrics all around...and he graduates this year. Blush. Anyway, that's all the news that's fit to print as they say.

Halloween memories~
The medic I met at Halloween horror movies in 1967 who later died in 'Nam.
The year we were much too old to trick or treat and went with pillowcases anyway.
My former neighbor Betty who loved to costume up for the evening and got more pleasure from the trick or treaters than most people get from Christmas, now gone too but not forgotten.


Numismatist Facts said...

Only fourteen? Are you part of the Stashbuster UFO challenge? That did wonders for me, although it left me with a little burnout and a roomfull of finished quilts that I am still giving away.

Making a list was a great motivator for me. I'm thinking of doing it again next year. Very few actual finishes this year but I've added some UFOs.

Good luck!

Sharyn said...

only sweet you are :) I belonged to stashbuster for a few months but felt stifled. And I also resented her deleting all the files, there was so much good info there. I only allow myself 2 lists at a time so the ones I am on need to have some serious value and enjoyment. Sharyn

Numismatist Facts said...

Wow, good idea about only allowing two lists. I've done stashbusters almost from the beginning but have mostly gone to just scanning the digests. I also have a two photography lists (after trimming out a few). You have to find the one that fits.

Sharyn said...

I wasn't always such a paragon of virtue :) Before FlyLady I was on at least 20-40 lists. But as I eliminated physical clutter from my home I realized lists were clutter too and a bad habit, just one more way of procrastinating. Hence the limits. Up until this spring I wasn't on any quilting lists for 4 years. A quick look in on old favorites this spring showed me I hadn't missed much, sort of like TV soap operas. Sharyn