October 22, 2008

Antique machines

A few days ago I was blog hopping and found some great ones sharing vintage sewing images, do you think I can remember where I was? So many great blogs so little time. This is a pretty one I just saw on my own computer when I was downloading images of our new little Doxie companions.

I have a New Home Treadle in my front entry, I keep saying on a snow day (everything stops here when we get snow, people freak out) I'll clean it up and sew with it. In the 19 years since I bought it that hasn't happened, but I'm not dead yet so there is always the anticipation to look forward to.

My Grandma Ruth had a treadle in the corner window of her big dining room. I can't remember ever seeing her sewing on it but when I'd get bored I'd go over and see how fast I could get the foot dealie going. I don't remember getting in trouble for it so it must not hurt the machine? But then that Grandma had 13 children plus an endless (sad) parade of foster children so one grandchild being quiet in the corner was probably beneath her radar.

Mid-week Beatitudes:
Autumn color
The sun on my face as I run with my dogs
The laughter on my dogs faces as they run with me


Lady Farmer said...

I just love your blog! You make me laugh. I have a New Home Treadle, also. It was my Grandmothers (I was raised by my granparents). I learned to sew on it. I had it for awhile, then let my cousin have it. She LEFT IT OUTSIDE IN THE RAIN!!! I rescued it back from her. The veneer is peeling off now. I still love it and perhaps someday I can affort to have it repaired. Until then, I will keep a dresser scarf on it and enjoy it and the memories of Grandma it brings to me!

Sharyn said...

If the wood is ruined, if the machine is a boat anchor, you can still save the iron supports, on most machines they are beautiful also. You can put a hollow core door on them and have a nice table.
Whoever had my machine before kept a big plant on the top and the fold back part of mine is water damaged. I just covered it with a vintage runner scarf and put an antique lamp on it, who would know or care?
thanks for stopping by, Sharyn

Numismatist Facts said...

I also love old machines. Mine is a 1888 Singer Treadle. All it needs is a belt. The decals on it are still in great shape. I have also been given two old toy machines, one from occupied Germany and one old small Singer from the 40's.

Emsmom said...

Oh Sharyn, I so enjoyed your post. You are the first person I know of who also has a treadle in your front entry! Mine is a late 1800's Eldredge B coffin top with a hole in the top of the coffin--there is always something displayed on top of the hole of course:) I went sort of nuts for a while, "collecting" treadles, and I restored them all to working condition. I do have the treadle I learned to sew on, a Singer that was my grandmother's and then my mom's--we didn't get an electric machine until I was in jr high!! And my dad remembered playing around the treadle when he was a kid, just like I did. Pretty special :)

I get some really odd reactions to having this treadle in my front entry, but I love it.....and antique/vintage machines in general--they just bring me such fond memories.....this was a wonderful way to start my day-thanks!
Mary in Amherst

Bizarre Quilter said...

I just love the picture you found for your post today. You can really see who the machines were marketed at.
When I was growing up our aged neighbour had 3 sewing machines (2 were electric). Mostly she used the treadle machine and one of the electric machines also operated by hand-crank. She used that one a lot too. I don't know how she could steer and crank at the same time!! LOL!!

Sharyn said...

I have a 1921 Singer Lavincadora, gorgeous and a hand crank to boot. I love to use that little machine. It had been converted to electric when given to me by a client, so I just order the handcrank mechanism and unconverted it. Sharyn

Karen said...

I have an old Singer Treadle machine. Not sure of the year. I found it at a flea market, badly weathered. I had to save it! It took many hours to refinish. The plate to cover the bobbin and bobbin are missing. I proudly display it in my familyroom.