June 6, 2010

The Bee's Knees

They are here! Moving hives isn't something I'm in a hurry to do again any time soon, those boxes are heavy, and many many thousands of bees, buzzing in your ear, has a tendency to up the anxiety level.

These hives boxes are in bad shape, so once all the extras (58 by actual count) are cleaned and refurbished we'll be gently lifting out each frame of bee babies (10 per box) and place them gently in their new home. Bee suits optional...but recommended! Rob fixed up a beautiful protected space for them and I hope they will be happy here.

I was asked how much honey does a bee make in a day. Less than you would think. In it's approximately six week lifetime a honey bee produces less than a teaspoon. So if I got 4-1/2 gallons from these two hives last fall, you tell me how many working bees there are here. And you'll better understand why drones are kicked to the curb once the queen is fertlized.

On the quilting front I got a big stack of 3" yo-yo's finished last night while watching Apocalypse Redux. I wonder how many times since this movie came out I've paraphrased Duvall's classic "I love the smell of Napalm in the morning"? We were down to the Veteran's Administration a few weeks ago and they want Rob to come in for a physical, they are testing everyone from that war zone for Agent Orange. Loverly. Back to the quilt, I've had a brain bomb about the border. Details to follow~

On the bread front I monkeyed a lot with this recipe for Morning Glory Muffins from my King Arthur cookbook and they turned out simply divine. Fortunately I kept notes so I can do it again, but knowing me I'll probably mess with the recipe in a new way...

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Piecefulafternoon said...

Things sound good around there - and oh the fresh honeycomb in the fall. I grew up in S.E. Alaska and one year our grandpa came to visit and brought us a five gallon can of fresh CA Orange Blossom Honey - talk about heaven!!!!

Peggi said...

I remember tasting raspberry honey once at Saturday Market. The seller told me the bees lived near raspberry bushes, which was how the flavor was imparted into the honey. I have no idea if this is true or not, but I was amazed at the wonderful raspberry flavor the honey had! Wish I could get more of that honey...

I have a question about the FlyLady. Years ago I was a subscriber, but ended up dumping the program because I was sick and tired of the 14 emails a day I would receive from them, cluttering my inbox and wasting my time. Has the program changed, or do you still have to wade through all the riff-raff to get to the good stuff?

Sharyn said...

5 gallon can, that is enough to keep even Pooh happy!

Peggy, if you lined up 15 jars of honey from 15 different small hive owners like us you would have 15 different colors of honey. It takes on the color of where they get their most pollen.
The Sue Bee type honey found in the grocers comes from all over the world from commercial beekeepers. Some truck their hives all over in the course of a year and often rent space in big orchards and berry fields to get specific types of honey.

If you will look at the bottom of the list on my sidebar you will see FlyLady Nudges. A tiny group I started for myself and other have joined in. I set up three prompts a week, it was Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but of course when the year rolled over they are now Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Most are quick and in the course of a year, my hope is the clean sink syndrome will rub off on the whole house.

When I found Flylady, I started the yahoogroups FlyLadyQuilters. We had a core group and we pushed through our whole houses in 9 months to a year. At that point I gave the list away because I have no desire to mother anyone.

The real and only key thing to FlyLady methods are be religious about setting your timer for 15 minutes a day, and once you set the timer go like blazes. Amazing what you can get done when you put the petal to the metal. The other half of that key is keeping up what you've done.

Hope some of that helps! Sharyn

Grandma Shell said...

My family has had bees over the years, and yes, it is true that the honey takes on the flavor of the flowers they get the most pollen from. My step-dad liked to put his up in the mountains so they could get fire weed. Oh, that honey was so light colored! It was premium honey!