April 29, 2010

Lucky Bamboo and the Art of Grief

Two years ago when I was working with my Tibetan Oracle I discovered many interesting things, one being a complete lack of the element of water in my life. Something I did to help balance that was to seek out an indoor bamboo plant for both places and work on making my pond a sanctuary.

I got to wondering this morning if the bamboo needs fertilizer, or if that wouldn't be a good idea because the plant needs to remain on the small side. Here is a good site for info on care of Lucky Bamboo which is officially Dracaena Sanderia. This plant is poisonous to pets so keep that in mind if you have a leaf chewing cat... Seeing uncared for plants in every store in the world is like seeing abandoned animals, I feel the need to save them all. I'm trying to get over that particular urge...

On the home front, yesterday afternoon on his 92 birthday FIL died, at home on his farm where he wanted to be. Rob and I had said our goodbyes when he was still conscious, so we took some time off and left the sisters to their time.  It has been an interesting experience and one we are both glad we committed to. Thank you all for sharing the journey with me. This image is one Rob took this morning as I began the second day of the thirty days of "Meditations for the Passages and Celebrations of Life", a book of vigils, by Noela N. Evans.

Thursday Thankies
The hospice staff, one and all
The kindness of Rob's employer
It isn't grey and pouring.


Jayne said...

Sharyn, my condolences to you, your husband and family. I have followed your journey through Alzheimer's for several months now, and feel the loss more than you know. Even when you know all along this is coming, it's a jolt when it finally happens. I extend my heartfelt wishes. You are an amazing woman.

The Numismatist said...

Sharyn and Rob, my thoughts are with you and your family. What loving service you provided to your beloved FIL in his final journey.

The bottom photo is absolutely breathtaking.

Peace to you all.

Kafka's Ghost said...

I am so inspired by your everyday sacred moments, Sharyn. My heart felt wishes of strength and love to you and yours. Thank you for sharing this part of you and your family's life in the blogosphere, which has been greatly enriched.

Quiltin' Jenny said...

So sorry for your loss. No matter how prepared we think we are, the permanence of death is still to be mourned.

I think you may be an angel for this time you shared with your FIL. He is truly blessed to have been loved and cared for so deeply and tenderly.

I hope you are comforted by happy memories, and the knowledge that you gave him a tremendous gift on his path to peace.

Stephanie said...

My deepest thoughts are with you, I feel I too have followed your journey and feel a tremendous loss, keep strong and know you are in our hearts.

Piecefulafternoon said...

My best to you and your families - this has been a long journey and you've traveled well - though I'm sure at times it didn't feel that way, but you did.

You have shined a light for us all to follow. The meditation photo will stay with me a long, long time, as I begin another journey of springtime meditation. Thank You.

Sommer said...

Sharyn~My thoughts are with you both as you grieve the loss of your FIL. May you be blessed for the care you gave him and may you feel loving hands at this time. My prayers will be said for you all.

Lots of love,

Ethne said...

So very sorry for your loss Sharyn - my prayers are with you and your family

Anonymous said...


My thoughts are with you, Rob and MIL. Consider yourself hugged from afar, and pass it on to anybody who needs on in the next few days.

Judy B

Pam said...

The end of a journey and the start of another.
Lots of love to you and Rob from the other side of the pond

Pam & Graeme

Hanne said...

My deepest condolencies to you and your family Sharyn!

Bea said...

Thinking of you Sharyn and Rob.

GeorgiePorgie and family xx

Grandma Shell said...

So sorry about the death of your FIL. I've followed your journeys together and "watched" as the Alzheimers progressed. You and the family are in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for sharing this experience with us.

Kimberly said...

oh Sharon so sad today, I've been way behind in my blog reading so thought I'd catch up today from where I left off. I was so sorry to read of your FIL's passing. I've been especially teary as of late (what's with that), so cried my heart out at this post. I have loved getting re-aquainted with your ability to have fun with all things and creatures. You are an amazing woman. thank you for sharing your FIL's days here in your blog. I hope you can feel the love and compassion being sent your way, love Kimberly