March 27, 2010

All My Eggs In One Basket...

Let me start backward and say for a number of years my mother raised chickens for extra money by selling both meat and eggs. If my memory is correct she had about 500 at a time, however many, it was one of our chores to collect eggs. Her egg basket was yellow vinyl clad steel and was about the size of a bushel basket. Big.

I have nine black sex-link hens I inherited from my father-in-law and if you've read my blog you watched them grow from babies to ladies and you know I just love 'em to pieces. All this time I've been thinking about an egg basket and using cottage cheese and Cool Whip plastic cartons. Efficient but no soul at all, none, nada.

Finally my brain kicked in; it's Easter basket time, what better time to find a perfect egg basket for nine eggs a day. Eureka! Now if you were one of my little girls wouldn't you be thrilled to have your eggs gathered in a shiny silver basket loaded with color and bling? I swear the eggs even taste better. They know when they are appreciated :)

Saturday Thankies
How hard my dementia plagued FIL laughed when I showed him the basket
That my MIL bought me pink Easter grass to cushion the eggs
How out of character each action was and is treasured in my heart


Piecefulafternoon said...

What a lovely basket - and a lovely treasure of memories. I think the girls will appreciate the bling.

Anonymous said...

I would be happy to put all my eggs in a basket like that! Much classier than recycled plastic.

Judy B

Pam said...

Love the basket and the responses it ellicited

Quiltin' Jenny said...

My daughter has the same basket! Funny since she turned out to be a little bit of a tomboy.

Wanted to say how much I treasure your posts about your dear FIL. Reminds me of the last years with my Gram, how we laughed through tears, and spent some very special moments together. You are a wonderful DIL, much like my mom was to Gram. Thank you.

Kimberly said...

love the basket, Thanks for your encouraging comments.