December 1, 2009

Toys For The Girls

Good First of December my friends. Having discovered that chickens are both smart and affectionate I now worry about them getting bored in their play pen between breakfast egg-making and outdoors work-like-dog time.

This is one of the toy ideas I've devised for them, a compressed bell-shaped wild bird seed feeder. Chickens can jump good...I have this one suspended from the roof of the pen about eight inches above their heads. It didn't take them long to figure out that electing someone to the high jump position was the better part of valor rather than all of them jumping at the same time and simply accomplishing a giant chest-bump. I think for Christmas dinner I'll get them a watermelon, they are mad about it. I'll hang it in a netting bag. For common days I'll do a head of lettuce or an apple on a string. Note the bell is hung using the ubiquitous farmer's helper.

On the other front, on Thanksgiving I checked my FIL into hospital with acute renal failure. We just got home again last night and set in place the next step of care, moving his bed into the family room with a bedside commode on one side and his big brown chair on the other, my new bed for the duration.
Even though he ate next to nothing while there he is up eight pounds, all retained water. We do have a plan, and for the first time in two weeks he is hungry. Praise the Lord, and pass the French Toast.

Tuesday Thankies
Sweet yams
Zen mouse pads
Toothpaste choices


Lady Farmer said...

You are a dear, Sharyn! I don't know of anyone who would devote so much time and patience to their ailing Father in law! I would hope that someone would care that much for me in my day of need.
What a terrific idea for your chickens' enjoyment! Hanging it with the 'farmers helper' is perfect! Your girls have a lovely pen ~ complete with a shade tree from which to hang it from! They are beautiful little hens! Hope they repay you well!

Piecefulafternoon said...

Again - I repeat - he is so fortunate to have you to be there - and all the plans you put into place for him.

Great idea for the chickens. When we lived in Kansas oh so many year ago - the kids raised chickens and those silly chickens would race about the yard - jumping high in the air to catch grasshoppers - we had a plague of them and were glad that the chickens liked to eat them.