October 22, 2009


Well, my time at home is nearly to an end, and while I've missed the farm and my in-laws and my chickens a ton, I've also knitted myself back together and am more than ready to take the reins of responsibility again.

I'm going to a Halloween party today where I'll see a whole lot of ladies that I originally brought together; am so happy they have gone on as a group, it shows I've done at least one thing right in my life. They will be surprised to see me, particularly 35 pounds lighter and a strawberry blond rather than a flaming red-head.
I've been to a day long yoga retreat, heaven on earth, and I've had one go at my new beginners Pilates DVD...hokey but if I keep it up I'll have abs of steel. I've missed my window of opportunity to run away to the beach but the month isn't over yet. I've made a new friend, something not to be sneezed at. And every where I've gone the world is a blaze of color.

Thursday Thankies

Big fat seedless grapes
Bram Stoker


Linda B said...

I always love your posts. And, I'm sure you have done more than just one good thing in your life.
I was wondering if you continued on with the hoola hoop adventure? I saw the first lady on the news last night doing that and thought of you.

Piecefulafternoon said...

Good to see you here - I'm happy that you are "reknitting" - always good for the soul. As are new friends. Enjoy.

Sharyn said...

I saw Mrs. Obama hooping, she was also photographed back in May doing the same thing. Great minds and all that stuff! There isn't any room to keep a hoop at the RV so that fun will have to wait until I am back home for good. I love my hoop! Sharyn